PTV Sports Live Streaming

A sports version of PTV Family, PTV Sports Live is a state-owned network available on local cable and satellite across Pakistan. Launched on January 2012, PTV Sports is a Pakistan football and cricket channel that provides live streaming online. The channel aims to reach Pakistan-based viewers who love sports.

PTV Sports live streaming keeps sports enthusiasts and viewers updated with the latest cricket news, live scores, video clips,recent matches and live TV and audio commentary covered by the channel. It is like a second screen that keeps you informed about the latest happenings in the game or event. With PTV Sports Live, you can enjoy free live score, cricket matches, match fixtures and live audio commentary from exciting sports events.

PTV Sports Live mainly focuses on the promotion as well as development of Pakistan’s local sporting event. The channel has focused most of its 24-hour broadcasting for local sports. In terms of national events, PTV Sports has so far covered the Polo Cup, National T20 Cricket Tournament, National Games, Quid-e-Azam Cricket Cup, Punjab Uth Games, Gold Cup Hockey Tournament, Wrestling, Kabaddi, National Snooker Championship and National Football League.

If you cannot get to the big match, then live sports commentary is your next best option. TV coverage might be high quality, but it’s often to subscription channels. If you don’t have satellite TV or you just want to know the latest score, then PTV Sports is your best source.

Live audio commentary is provided by experts. If you are a cricket fanatic, you will love the fact that you can watch your favorite sports on PTV Sports. You don’t need to pay for anything. It informs you of the time of the match and the major sports events, so you can get all the information you need in just one place. Just click on the match and the player will open automatically, allowing you to watch it on your device. It gives you all the updates that you’d otherwise miss.

PTV Sports Live is a 24-hour sports channel that broadcasts a variety of programs. In the programs, famous analysts provide their own expert opinion on current international events. The channel provides a comprehensive analysis before, during and after the match, catching the attention of viewers from different parts of the world.